About Monica Stevens

I am an agriculture photographer and 3rd generation cattleman from in rural Altona, Illinois. I proudly own a Shorthorn cow herd. My family has been raising Shorthorn cattle since 1943. My love of agriculture started growing as a young girl on my family's corn soybean, hay and beef cattle farm. Some of her best memories growing up are from tagging along with her dad on the farm. Over the years, my love of agriculture has continued to grow. Agriculture is a significant part of her life. In many ways, it cultivated me.
Photography is a love I love sharing. Quite often, my thoughts and feelings are conveyed through the photos I capture. Photographs are truly worth more than words. They have deeper meaning. My photographs isn't just the sun setting on a corn field, not just a tractor stirring up dust in the field, not just cows grazing. I see more. When I snap a picture, I see through the camera lens: faith, family, tradition, strength, hard work, pride, love, and even hope.
Agriculture is what I know, love and appreciate.Through my photographs, I am able to share my love of agriculture with others. My photos are from a unique perspective...a woman raising cattle.

Follow my blog, Boots & Heels at monicastevens.blogspot.com! I share my love of Agriculture, my daily life on a beef cattle farm, and stories behind my photographs. 

Often times, you may find me with my camera, as I never know when I will be inspired by what I see or spot a great idea for a photo. Even on jogs in the country, I search for inspiration for my next photo. In the spring, I cannot help but notice the warm, yellow-orange sun beaming down on the shiny, green rows of corn or my dad in the tractor making his way across the field. These sites start a thought process...thoughts that I want to capture with photographs to share with others. Harvest is another time of inspiration. One fall while waiting for my dad to fill the grain wagon for me to haul to the bin site to unload, I took time to discover the environment around me. Lying on my stomach in the middle of a grassed waterway, I patiently waited to take that perfect picture of a Monarch butterfly on top of a red clover blossom. I am sure it was a crazy site to see from the cab of the combine! My dad was probably wondering what his daughter was up to again! The outcome of the photos was exactly what I had hoped. Several Monarchs fluttering, almost melodically, throughout the waterway inspired me to take pictures of the freespirited and wonderfully beautiful insects.